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Best Thai in the Tampa Bay area.
Jasmine Thai by Dale Mabry
Great Location
Plenty parking spaces

egg rolls
spring rolls
crab rangoon
steamed dumpling
fried squid
wonton soup
fried shrimp

Chicken coconuts
Tom yum chicken
hot and sour with mushroom, onions, scallion, lemon grass and kaffier leaves

House Salad, home made dressing

Sea Food like scallops and shrimps.

Other Speciaties

Geen curry, red curry, mixed veggie, pineapple, no cocunuts curries

Panang curry. paste cooked with milk coconut, bell pepper, zucchini and crushed peanuts.

Fried Rice
Chicken, Beef, Pork, Pineapple, Spicy Fried Rice
Rice with eggs, onions, peas, and carrots and scallion

Pad Thai
Rice noodles sauteed with egg, bean sprouts, green onions, ground peanuts and topped with scallions

Crunchy Banana, Lychee, Cocunut Ice Cream, Thai Donuts
Jasmine’s Banana
Deep-Fried banana, wrapped, topped with honey on top of a cocunut ice cream

Thai Sweet Tea.


Best Indian Restaurant in Tampa Florida. Watch Jai Ho restaurant review and find out what is this place is about. For vegetarians and meat-eating customers, this restaurant has them all. Spicy to mild food. Clean and great service.


Video review of Yummy House a Chinese restaurant in Tampa, Florida.  See how it is inside and out.  Love the lomein, Mongolian beef, chicken fried rice.  Great family dining rendezvous.  Plenty of room for a big event.  If you like Chinese food, don’t miss this one out.

This is a Food Review of a Filipino Restaurant in the center of Florida in Kissimmee is called The Nipa Hut.  A restaurant for people who love Filipino delicacies.  Kare-kare, Sisig, Sagot Gulaman and Dinuguan are a few dishes they serve in this authentic dining place.

Looking for an authentic Chinese in Orlando? Look no further than the Ming Court at 9188 International Drive. Architecturally designed for those who want to be awed by Chinese structures and decor. Koi Fish Ponds are surround the restaurant. Menu list is fully comprehensive, like the Seafood Chow Mein, BBQ Beef, Char Grilled Bourbon Chicken, General Tzo’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Pork and much much more.

The next you are in Orlando, definitely visit Ming Court Chinese.


A proud American Heritage is held here in Tampa, Florida this weekend. It is the Black Heritage Festival 2016. One thing for sure there are great foods and music.

Several events in South and Central Florida leading up to MLK Day and the Black History Month, depict the contributions of African American society to our American Heritage. Many food that we cherished today have been adopted from customs of the past generations of African Americans. Fried chicken, friend catfish, conks, fried shrimps, seafood, BBQ ribs, bread pudding and such are fully integrated in our American daily food consumption.

The Black Heritage Festival in Tampa, has many diversified southern cuisine and they are all appealing to our taste sensory.

The best southern fried food in Tampa is by far found in Black Heritage Festival.



Best Thai near downtown Tampa. Full menu from Appetizers, Soup and Salad, Noodles, Curry and Seafood can be found in this small restaurant called the Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen.

Looking for the best food in Tampa with an ethnic flavors? Look no further for a Noodles and Thai restaurant at Kennedy Blvd. Lemon Grass Thai has some of variety to choose from when it comes to Thai cuisine. Panang Curry and Pad Thai are some of my favorites. You can get them spicy hot or mild.

Though I consider it a fusion catered to the American tastes, yet I found it still true to its value of being a Thai food.

Enjoy a list of drinks such as Thai Tea, Green Tea, Coconut Juice and of course the usual beer, wine and sodas.

Watch this video review to see why I highly recommend this place.


The best Vietnamese Restaurant in Tampa Bay will get you in and out quick.  Delicious and presentable with ambiance fit to get your friends in for a quick Vietnamese rice platters and pho soups.

A Vietnamese Restaurant in Tampa within its own league, it is Simply Pho.  The menu is full of other items like Expresso Coffee Vietnames style, Lyche drinks and Coconut drinks.

We had the pork chop rice platter with a fried egg on the top of my rice.  Love it.  I highly recommended this place by Fletcher Avenue.


For more ethnic restaurants follow

Looking for something Vietnamese?  One Vietnamese restaurant in Tampa stands above the rest.  A small hole-in-wall is always full of customers specially at lunch time.  It is Saigon Deli in Waters Avenue near Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, Florida.

The Pho Beef and Tendon soup has side dish of bean sprout, pepper, mint leaves and lime.  A healthy food combination if you ask me.

The fresh roll wrap in Rice Wrapper has Vermicelli noodles, shrimp, bbq pork Saigon Deli style.  Delicious.

How about a Sub Combo where bbq pork, carrots, cucumber, cilantro, mint leaves are found inside a fresh French bread.

This is not your typical Vietnamese Restaurant, its food are done with a taste many locals are clamoring to eat.


Find out what you will find at the 28th India Festival held here in Tampa, Florida in early November.

Variety of hot spice Indian curry are available for those who are into red-hot pepper cuisine.  Delicious at all level.  The aromatic smell of Indian spice are enticing even for novice food enthusiasts.

Chana masala is a boiled garbanzo beans mixed with garlic, peppercorn and cilantro.

Red hot pepper called Teja pepper is added in most curry food.  The thick sauce of the curry chicken is can be rolled into a roti bread, unleavened deep-fried.

There are many Indian recipes available in the web for someone who enjoys cooking one of the oldest Asian cuisine.


Korean Restaurant In Tampa – Food Review
Looking for the top ethnic restaurants in Tampa?  Well, look no further.  A Korean Matoi Sushi has what you need.  Gal-bi and Bulgogi are marinated grilled beef and a side order of Ban-chan.  Plenty of sushi to choose from.  Great location in North Dale Mabry Hwy.  Get your friends to dine in one of the top restaurants in Tampa.  Watch my review of the place and decide for yourself.


Vietnamese Soup Food Review in Tampa Bay.  We enjoyed our dinner at the Pho Quyen at Hillsborough Avenue and Memorial Ave.   We had the famous Pho soups and fried rice.  Ample of parking for a bigger group.  Check out our restaurant review and comments.  A well-known place for Vietnamese cuisine with a price that is just right.








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